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B-115 and B-116 New Testament Greek I and II - next schduled for 2012-13
Bethany Theological Seminary

Instructor: Susan Jeffers,

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3 semester hours each. Prerequisite: B-116 requires either completion of B-115 or demonstration of equivalent proficiency in New Testament Greek.

Online Greek I is next scheduled for the fall 2012 term. If you are not yet a student at Bethany or ESR, and you're thinking you might like to enroll, contact Bethany for information, either Amy Gall Ritchie or Tracy Stoddart Primozich, 800-287-8822. If you have studied Greek on your own, or in a class long ago, and wonder whether you're prepared to take Greek II, by all means email me and we can discuss it. In Greek I we'll be going through Lesson 16 in Clayton Croy's A Primer of Biblical Greek, and I'd be happy to arrange for you to try to "test out" of Greek I and go directly into Greek II.


Taken in sequence, these courses provide an introduction to the basic elements of New Testament Greek (also known as Biblical Greek or Koine Greek). Students will master essential aspects of Greek morphology and syntax and acquire a substantial reading vocabulary. The courses employ both deductive and inductive methods, with increasing emphasis on the latter as students progress through the year. By the end of the second semester, students will be able to translate passages from the Greek New Testament with the aid of a lexicon. Students will be expected to use audio recordings and practice listening to and reading Greek aloud, as well as writing Greek both by hand and using a word processor with Greek fonts.

These courses will be conducted online. Students will need to arrange to send the instructor recordings of their Greek reading aloud (uploaded mp3 files or recording into telephone voicemail), and to take the final exam under supervision of a proctor.

Pre-work and other information for B-115 are posted at

Prospective or enrolled students may contact the instructor, Susan Jeffers, at with any questions or concerns.

During the semester students should plan to spend about 3 hours per week online, which roughly corresponds to the time spent in the classroom in a traditional course. In addition, you should allow about 9 hours per week for closely studying the textbook, completing written work, listening to recordings, reading Greek aloud, and concentrated memorizing of vocabulary and grammar. Many students find it helpful to make flashcards or other memorization aids, and review them for brief periods throughout the week.

Learning any language takes time and discipline; the rewards of learning to read the Bible in Greek are very great!

Required books:

3 Required books:

(1) A Primer of Biblical Greek, by N. Clayton Croy (Eerdmans). Any edition; some editions include a CD with a large pdf of resources. The pdf is available online, so you don't actually need the CD.

(2) The Greek New Testament, Fourth Revised Edition with Dictionary (Deutsche Biblegesellschaft/United Bible Societies) ISBN 978-3-438-05137-0.
You must have this exact edition. Check the ISBN carefully. Many different editions look quite similar!

(3) Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament and Other Early Christian Literature, 3rd edition, by Walter Bauer, William Arndt and Frederick W. Danker (University of Chicago Press, 2000) ISBN 0226039331. Students taking the course for credit must have this latest edition, as we will be working with specific page numbers and content. The latest edition is much improved over previous versions.

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